Patch Adams (1998)

Patch Adams, to me, is a hilarious movie which left me with an unsatisfying warmness in my heart. And it seemed like a combination of Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) and St. Vincent (2014), and the movie seemed to suffer from lot of problems, probably to the point of making a cinematic sin(distortion of the real story,…Read more Patch Adams (1998)


Sir John Hurt

Nothing can be more devastating. I'm so sorry, Sir John. I thought I had a chance of telling you myself how amazing you are. I was glad you were given clear and now you had to leave. I can't even cry. I'll miss you. You were a one brave man. Thank you for your work…Read more Sir John Hurt

Hey, You’ve Got the Wrong Idea: Unsolved and Untrue Gossips About Robin Williams

Another post about Robin Williams... During my short life of 20 years, one thing that bothered me the most was gossips. Newspapers. Magazines. People, especially girls. I threw hates back to Robin's haters when I couldn't take it anymore but they seem to resort to their misunderstandings and they seemed to like it. But things…Read more Hey, You’ve Got the Wrong Idea: Unsolved and Untrue Gossips About Robin Williams

Robin Williams: Smile, My Captain

THIS POST IS ABOUT SUICIDE OF ROBIN WILLIAMS, WHICH IS STILL A CONTROVERSIAL MATTER TO THIS DAY. THERE IS NO INTENTION OF HARM TO HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  I dedicate this post to Robin Williams. Robin Williams's death shocked millions of people all over the world, and he left us without giving us any clue to why…Read more Robin Williams: Smile, My Captain

Rik Mayall: The Magic Act of Confidence

Rik Mayall - self proclaimed as Dr. The Rik Mayall, the Pan-Global Phenomenon - was one of the leading British Alternative comedians of the 80s to the critics, was a "firework" to his show business friends, and was Rik fucking Mayall to the rest of the world. Let me explain. Rik Mayall was born Richard…Read more Rik Mayall: The Magic Act of Confidence


I have to give an apology to all my readers and visitors. I am a starter as a writer, probably worse than amateur writers. My articles may change over time in terms of their structure and grammar, not the content though. I have a hard time writing my ideas on paper or on this blog.…Read more Apology