Getting Out of the Shell.

Hello to all visitors of my blog!

I’m a college student of age around 20. I speak Korean and English. I like watching movies. I love good actors and good filmmakers. I’m not professionally involved with movie criticism or show business. I’m just an introvert trying to get out of my old shell for the first time by doing what I do best – in my opinion, watching movies and making sense about it – and trying to connect to people around the world. That’s about it. I’m going to keep quiet about who I am. But I’m sure that’s not going to ruin the future conversations we’ll have, and the information I will give you. I’m prepared to be criticized, taught, blamed, laughed at or whatever. I wish I could reach to people through movies without being a critic, which profession I think is very boring and meaningless. I’d rather make movies. (joke) Anyway, give me your movie suggestions or requests of movies you can’t understand. I will do my best to make it easy. Plus, I don’t “review” movies.  I don’t go through all elements of movies. I might re-watch them and make another post about the same movie. I’ll only write about what intrigued me, what I learned, and what I absolutely hated, so that future filmmakers can compare with their ideas and perhaps, be informed about what to learn. Movie interpretations will be only about the hard part and the main plot. I don’t think it’s healthy to scale every frame of movies because I’ve never seen any film students who used to do that eventually turned out nicely. I’m talking about myself. (different major, though) Be free about learning! Learn whatever you want to learn, don’t try to have a hard time. You must enjoy it!

Book suggestions are welcomed(I’m a lazy reader. Help me!). Fans of filmmakers and actors are welcomed. I might throw hate at your heroes, so I have to say in advance that I’m deeply sorry for any future offenses.

Copyright to any pictures I post in this blog is owned to the film’s distributors, maybe actors, directors, photographers, and producers. I don’t own any media files other than my writing. If you wish to use the information from here for your articles, you don’t have to quote me, but please notify me and credit me as the source.


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