Hannah Kaye (pen/stage name)

  • Age 19, Biology major university student
  • Introverted, bilingual Asian American kid
  • Big fan of great movies, great actors, and great comedies.
  • Movie/Actor admirer for 7 years, since 2010
  • Graduated fangirl; started from Back to the Future, then slowly got serious and started to study the craft
  • Forever a student for English language and literature
  • Favorite movie : Eraserhead (David Lynch, 1977)
  • Heroes : Simon Jones(aka Arthur Dent), Monty Python, Michael Palin(my spiritual father), Rik Mayall, Sir John Hurt, Peter Sellers, Steve Carell, Stanley Kubrick, Bill Murray, David Lynch, Robin Williams, Buster Keaton


Last updated 4/1/17