Robin Williams: Smile, My Captain

THIS POST IS ABOUT SUICIDE OF ROBIN WILLIAMS, WHICH IS STILL A CONTROVERSIAL MATTER TO THIS DAY. THERE IS NO INTENTION OF HARM TO HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  I dedicate this post to Robin Williams. Robin Williams's death shocked millions of people all over the world, and he left us without giving us any clue to why…Read more Robin Williams: Smile, My Captain


Rik Mayall: The Magic Act of Confidence

Rik Mayall - self proclaimed as Dr. The Rik Mayall, the Pan-Global Phenomenon - was one of the leading British Alternative comedians of the 80s to the critics, was a "firework" to his show business friends, and was Rik fucking Mayall to the rest of the world. Let me explain. Rik Mayall was born Richard…Read more Rik Mayall: The Magic Act of Confidence